Sabtu, 16 April 2011



This is an expert one, isnt like before? Stereografis projection can used to analysis compresion joint. The tool is just wulf net, polar net and kalsbeek net.
Like this:Directly I will try to give u an explanation by resolve an example:
If in our observation get some compresion joint like this;
The first step is we have to plot it with polar net. Like this;

Then replace polar net by kalsbeek net,

then we will make the contour.
1. Make the hexagonal just like the kalsbeek net.
2. Count how much the dot at the hexagonal then write the number.
3. Make the bond between each hexagonal, like if we start with number 2 then draw it until back to the first place. I would like to make contour with interval 2, 4, 6 n etc. Just like this.

maybe this is more clear;

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Ahad, 3 April 2011

My new phone: NOKIA C6-01

I have bought this new phone Nokia C6-01 on March, 22 2011 at Batu Pahat Mall. Previously, my phone N81 8GB fall into some kind of hardware or software problem that hard to be solved. Then, the last time the problem came out and I sent it to shop, hope people there could fix it, but suddenly the phone operated like usual, and this weird situation will happen alternately (as I expected before). In the last resort...I decided to buy a new one, there you go, C6-01. This is first time in my life, buying a new original phone(full set).

The price for C6-01 was quite expensive that I don't know how to tell my family about the purchase. But sooner or later, the truth will unveiled. Many people asked me 'why you bought such expensive phone? wasting your money, isn't it?' But I counter back by saying 'I truly understand how we can make used of this smart phone to help daily life become smoother than ever'. Although C6-01 has 8 MP camera, it didn't come with auto focus feature. Hence, for close-up picture, macro shot, surely it couldn't able to perform that kind of capturing. But it's okay, I have digital camera, FujiFilm J10, the pictures taken by this camera is much better. Never underestimate its video feature, C6-01 able to capture HD 720p video, and since 2 weeks I've been using it, I'm being fascinated by the video captured using this camera, truly awesome. Vivid colour, RGB colours are balanced, high dimension (720p) and make me want to render those video and post it on my FB wall. It has new attractive screen which is AMOLED capacitive touch screen. This kind of display screen truly amazing and different from TFT screen. I can't resist the lure of its amazing colour, truly live. Another essential functions for me that come together in this phone are document viewer for PDF, DOC and other format files to mention few. Ovi Store is an attractive service as it help me to find some useful applications. But, users of Nokia phone with Ovi apps should aware there is always going to be a risk when you are downloading and installing free apps from Ovi Store.

After 2 weeks I've been using this phone, downloading some interesting apps and finally the problem arisen. The phone couldn't play the video being capture in the gallery and other music video file in mass memory. It also failed to play video on YouTube. Then I went to the shop where I purchased this phone at Batu Pahat Mall to fix the problem, yes they succeeded .But the widget of social network on my home screen was gone and they don't know how to restore it back. I went home with sad feeling, guilty and regret.

Although on that day, April 2 2011, video 'Introduction to Gmail in Motion' was totally suck, but Google has helped me in resolving my phone's problem. As I told before, I'm just having the problem with my new NOKIA phone that was formatted due to it can't play video. Then, the ...problem solved after being formatted. But the social network widget on my home screen was gone. Luckily, I've found a discussion topic on Facebook by google it and it really help me a lot to restore it back to its original position by downloading the software attached there. Thank you very much. The social network widget can be reached via this link: (for NOKIA user only, surely phone with Ovi apps), I don't know how to live without an internet connection AND I definitely will be more careful to download any apps from Ovi Store after all had happened.